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Abrasives: Sanding Belts - Sanding Discs - Garnet Sheets - Stikit Rolls

No matter how large or small your project, we offer a wide range of abrasive supplies such as sanding discs and sponges to carbide and silicon sanding sheets to help you get the job done easily and economically. Our belt cleaner line is stocked with Scotch-Brite Hand pads, Multi-Flex Sheet Rolls as well as FastBreak, Radial Bristle Discs and Sandblaster Sanding Pads. Our comprehensive selection includes wide and portable sanding belts such as Cloth, Purple and Edge Sanding Belts as well as Stikit Disc Rolls, Stikit Disc Rolls – No Holes, Imperial Stikit Rolls, Stitkit Discs – Purple No Holes, Stikit Disc Pad – No Holes, as well as Hookit Discs – Gold, Hookit Disc- Purple, Hookit Disc Pad and Hookit II Discs – 11” Diameter. A variety of sanding discs such as Tri-M-ite, Tri-M-Ite Fre-cut and Silicone Carbide Tri-M-ite Fre-Cut Sheets and Garnet sanding sheets are available from well reputed suppliers such as 3M, FastCap®, and Abrasive Service.

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