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Accuride Model 1313 Flipper Door Slide

Accuride Model 1313 Flipper Door Slide

20 lbs. Flipper door slide for horizontal and vertical receding doors up to 36" wide. Designed to be used only with 3/4" thick doors. Thicker doors will require a larger top gap or core routing into the cabinet. To determine how far the slide will move into the cabinet, add 7/8" to the slide movement. (Example: Slide travel 9" + 7/8" = 9-7/8" total door movement). To ensure total concealment of the flipper door within the cabinet, the cabinet depth must be at least 5" greater than the height of the door to provide space for the side mechanism.
Finish: Bright electro-plate
Polybag contains: 2 - slides, 2 - front mounting brackets, 2 - rear mounting brackets and mounting screws.

A1313 Additional Information

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Slide length: 14"
Travel: 10"
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