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Accuride Model 2002 50 lb. Two-Way Travel Slide

Accuride Model 2002 50 lb. Two-Way Travel Slide

50 lbs. 3/4 extension for drawers up to 12" wide. Two-way travel slide for use in kitchen islands, medical carts and pass-through shelves. Use whenever access is needed from both sides of the unit. Features: Shelf/bottom mount tabs and hold-in detent to prevent drawer roll-out and bounce back. Internal detent secures in center/closed position. If cabinet is pre-drilled, the centerline for the cabinet member holes should be a minimum of 11/16" from the bottom of the cabinet opening. If drawer fronts are required, they must be notched to clear the stationary member of the slide.
Finish: Bright electro-zinc
Polybag includes: 1 - pair of slides with mounting screws.

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Specifications and Installation Instructions
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Slide length: 18"
Front and rear travel: 12.72"
Slide length: 22"
Front and rear travel: 15.72"
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