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Blum AVENTOS HF - Bi-Fold Lift Systems

Blum AVENTOS HF -  Bi-Fold Lift Systems

For doors 15" to 72" wide and cabinets 19" to 42" tall Simplified program - one, two, or three AVENTOS lift mechanisms and their associated telescoping arms are required, depending on the width of the cabinet and the combined weight of the doors including handles Because of the removable telescoping arm, there are no protruding parts Comes with Blumotion

  • Works for both frame and panel cabinets
  • Requires only a minimal force to open and close
  • Silent and effortless opening and closing thanks to BLUMOTION
  • Perfectly balanced - doors remain in any desired position
  • Quick, easy assembly and removal due to CLIP technology
  • Easy, 3-dimensional door adjustment
  • Finger safety thanks to CLIP top hinge
  • Handles can be positioned anywhere on the door

Blum AVENTOS HF - Bi-Fold Lift Systems Additional Information

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Description: Hardware set for wood or wide aluminum doors
Description: 104° Angle restriction clip
Description: Telescoping arm set / Cabinet height - 27" to 35"
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