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COMPX Concerto Arm

COMPX Concerto Arm

Dual exension, single screen Flat Panel Display (FPD). Support clamp doubles as a cable manager and assists in setting and maintaining the desired height. Patented "Quick Connect" feature allows monitor to be easily mounted to the arm. Built-in cable clips on underside of extension arms and on pole base allow organized cable management. Accomodates flat panel screens of up to 21". Comes with desk clamp and grommet mount hardware.

  • Each head is completely and independently adjustable: 180° of tilt, 180° of side movement, and 360° of landscape portrait movement.
  • Clamp height adjustment to accomodate various viewing positions.
  • 360° arm swivel around base to increase flexibilty of position of monitor.

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Description: FPD support - Single screen- dual extension
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