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Construction Adhesive Beats The Nail Dap

Construction Adhesive Beats The Nail Dap

DAP BEATS THE NAIL All-Purpose Construction Adhesive, Solvent-Free VOC Compliant Formula. Made with a solvent-free, advanced polymer formulation. Meets ASTM Specification C557 for installation of gypsum panels. Easily applied and provides a heat and water-resistant bond with 50% fewer nails or fasteners needed. Reduces squeaks, nail pops and splitting and is ideal for bonding a variety of construction materials including: lumber, furring strips, prefinished panels, drywall, wood molding, felt and fiberglass pads, floor tiles, polystyrene and urethane foams, thresholds, paneling, bathroom fixtures, trim, roof shingles and other construction surfaces. Adheres to plywood, polysytrene and urethane foamboard, plasterboard, metal, marble, ceramics, glass, concrete, plaster wallboard, hardboard and other construction materials. Box of 12.

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Color: White
Size: 10.3 fl oz Cartridge
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