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30 Days @Fastcap Products

We're giving away 14 FastCap products for the months of October and November! Here's how to enter:


  1. Must be located in the USA.
  2. Follow @cabinetsupply on Twitter (
  3. Retweet the tweet made at 8AM(Pacific Time) from @CabinetSupply to enter to win that product.
    Check the list of @fastcap products we are giving away (below)
  4. Winner announced on twitter before the next product giveaway
    Winner will be sent a direct message on how to get their prize

Product List






October 5th

Flex Screw Bag Wood  $49.99 


October 7th

Woody Knife  $12.00 


October 9th

Flush Cut Pliers Kit  $74.92 

October 12th

Flex Bit Bag $20.00


October 14th

Upper Hand System Kit  $76.00 


October 16th

Magnetic Micro Square  $20.00 

October 19th

Artisan Desk Plane  $49.98 

October 20th

2P-10 Act 12oz/ Jel 10oz  $49.00 

October 21st

MXV Pocket Dust Mask-10pk  $18.00 

October 22nd

ProHold  $19.95 

October 23rd

SoftWax Kit $25.00 

October 26th

Pocket Chisel Kit  $99.98 

October 27th

Sawhood  $129.00

October 28th

Flex Screw Bag Metal $49.99*

*winner will be announced Oct 29th











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