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Brings form and comprehensive function to the interior of TANDEMBOX drawers. At the core are stainless steel cutlery trays in three different lengths. These can be arranged in a multitude of ways in the drawer and are easily removed for cleaning or for taking a load of silverware to the table. The companion utensil dividers can stand alone in a drawer or can be coupled to the cutlery dividers. Adjustable cross dividers have spring loaded pins that engage into the stainless steel side rails.
4" cutlery kit comes with: 1 - Double tray (6-15/16" long) and 1 -triple tray (10-3/8" long)
11" cutlery kit comes with: 3 - Double trays (6-5/16" long) and 3 - Triple trays (10-3/8" long)
11-11/16" combo kit comes with: 2 - Single trays (3-7/16" long), 2 - double trays (6-15/16" long) and 1 - Triple tray (10-3/8" long)
14-13/16" combo kit comes with: 3 - Double trays (6-15/16" long) and 3 - Triple trays (10-3/8" long)

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Drawer length: 20"
Style: Combo
Kit width: 14-13/16"
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