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Top Sliding DN 80 Concealed LT

Top Sliding DN 80 Concealed LT

Top sliding system for doors installed inside the opening and traveling inline. Nearly invisible hardware with an 1/8" gap between the door and the smooth track. Installation of 2) U21RT tracks in parallel allows for 2 by passing doors. For 13/16" minimum door thickness.

  • One box with all you need to install 1 door, just order the track and you are ready to go.
  • Ball bearing high quality rollers, and aluminum track allow for a silent and smooth glide.
  • 176 lbs max weight per door.
  • Stoppers with retention device installed inside the track will stop and retain the door in position.

Carrier Set: 2 carriers, 2 stoppers with retention devices, 1 floor guide, 2 mounting plates and screws.

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Description: Carrier set for 1 door
SKU: DC013213
Description: U21RT Smooth Upper track
Length: 6.5'
SKU: DC10100626082
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